Don't Let Your Boulder Roll You Over

One of the things I do as a coach and mentor is to lead calls for my team on various subjects from anything to social media training, to meal planning to personal growth. Last week I hosted a call I entitled, "Punching Fear in the Face." I used an analogy of pushing a boulder up a mountain to describe the transformation I experienced in 2017. I learned to lean into the hard and to not let my past hurts and experiences dictate my NOW or the life I want for myself and my family in the future. Our boulder is whatever is holding us back from going all in, with our marriages, our parenting, our fitness goals, our businesses... It's not easy, pushing that boulder up the mountain, but the more you lean into it and push back, the easier it becomes. Eventually that boulder will begin to roll a little easier but it's still going to take work from YOU every day to keep it going. Every day you push your boulder up the mountain, you will become more and resilient to the force of it pushing you back.

The first step to pushing your boulder up the mountain is to name your fears. We can't overcome them if we don't acknowledge what they are. I realized that a lot of my fears are rooted in things that happened to me as a kid, growing up as the new girl in a small town and being the victim of a LOT of bullying, and because of my struggle with infertility and miscarriage. If we speak them and recognize them, they no longer have the power to just sit and fester inside us. The more we talk about fear and shame, the less we have. (Thank you, Brené Brown) The moment we stop leaning into our boulder is when we will lose all momentum in aspiring to become what we're meant to be and the life we want for ourselves. Chris Downing said something at Super Friday that resonated with me.... "Acknowledge everything you don't like about yourself, acknowledge your past pains and your hurts....but then release them. Leave the past in the past."

Be stronger than your boulder. Push it up the damn mountain and if you don't think you can, take the steps you need to take in order to gain the strength and belief in yourself until you can. Surround yourself with the people who are going to empower you, not the ones who will find satisfaction in your struggle. Let me tell you, they're only like that because they're content and happy to stay at the bottom of the mountain and don't want anyone else to leave them behind. There is no summit in sight because the journey is never ending--it's your life! And what an adventure it can be if you don't let your boulder roll you over.

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